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Cipher Pusher is an Action/Puzzle game with blocks, vortexes, and seafood!

Blocks will be pushed, carried, rotated, and connected!
You will also remote-push, multi-push several blocks at a time, perform chain reactions... to achieve even greater combos! Assemble blocks together in various ways, thus playing with blocks cumulated properties.

Why combining these blocks? Because that's your key to survival.
You play as astronauts and don't have any weapon... And though you will have to dodge thousands of missiles and encounter hostile octopus-like lifeforms! Link blocks properly and you will be able to strike back.
Aside, you will also reveal warp gates and puzzle rooms involving more strange mechanisms to experiment with...

Will you find your way to escape?

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burnt-cipherpusher darkblue-cipherpusher seafoam-cipherpusher metalgrey-cipherpusher crystal-cipherpusher ruins-cipherpusher


devilfish overkill-sequence-cipherpusher connect-blocks-anim-cipherpusher
chainreact-anim-cipherpusher combomedium-sequence-cipherpusher seafoam-connect-sequence-cipherpusher
octopus-sequence-cipherpusher ray infotext-anim-cipherpusher waitwhat?-sequence-cipherpusher
press y to fire-bonus-anim-cipherpusher bomb fissured block-anim-cipherpusher block fits slot puzzle-anim-cipherpusher

For press inquiries

Visit our presskit    or    Email us at cipher.pusher@gmail.com

Who's making this game ?

Team lead, Game design, Development - His website
Art - Her website
T.O.M. Avatars
T.O.M. Avatars
Music and sound - His website