Keineged an nor

- Medieval Point'n click Parody -
by Anto80

Keineged an nor - Hints

If you get there by mistake and simply want to try the game, go here =>

You're still here? You're stuck? You could use these hints, but use them wisely, not to spoil your discovery of the game.

Move your mouse slowly down through this page, hover some category below and reveal the hint...



I'm stuck at title screen

Use your mouse and click on START (or click on the door).
Some other items can be clicked on the title screen! :)

I - I'm stuck in the first room

Search for any item in the room. Especially if you mouse pointer is changing.

II - I'm stuck in the second room

I'm trying to pickup an item but it seems too heavy.
If the item is that heavy, you may require to hold your strength.
I'm getting killed repeatedly in this room and I really think I tried everything. And the previous hint does not work.
You need to kill the cacodemon in some way.
To kill the cacodemon maybe you're missing something from the previous room.

III - I'm stuck in the third room

I'm getting killed repeatedly in this room and I don't understand why, or what actually killed me.
Don't even look at the unholy tuning fork.
That is to say, don't hover the mouse pointer over it.
I'm getting killed repeatedly *by animals* in this room and I really think I tried everything.
Try to operate the levers.
Maybe you'll need to push multiple levers.
I'm getting killed repeatedly *by physical injury*
To open the gate you need to take care of the left lock and the right lock of the gate.
To unlock the right part of the gate, maybe you missed an item in one of the previous rooms?
To unlock the right part of the gate, maybe you need the heavy sword in room 2?

IV - I'm stuck in the fourth room

I'm looking at a strange device and I don't know what to do with it.
Maybe you'll need to write roman numerals.

V - I'm stuck in the fifth room

You need to search for a shiny item.
You also need to search for a very dark item.

I got a good ending. I'm searching for "a better ending"...

Maybe you missed a specific item.
Maybe you used this very specific item for something else and now you don't have it anymore?

I'm looking for a special ending...

Look for scorpions from the beginning.
If you were a scorpion, where will you be hiding?
There are 3 different scorpions to find in the game.
The third scorpion IS really special... You're definitely missing something if you don't find it.

I've been told there's an ingame way to compose some music

Yes, this is true. Just operate the keypad in the coffin room, and click quickly several times on any button.

I want to use the debug mode.

On title screen, click Start with the left mouse button, then immediately after PRESS AND HOLD the right mouse button.


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