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Recreational gamedev hobbyist, Image processing explorer
C++, Allegro, Pico-8, Amstrad CPC, Minitel, Gamejam, Botdev, #GlitchMe, Y3J5cHRvZ3JhcGh5IHRvbyEgOik=

I usually introduce myself as "Anto" but I'm also known as "Anto80", or maybe "El Bloco 80" or "Spam80Anto".

In my spare time I have been working on many custom projects, mainly related to videogames, and essentially for fun and pedagogic purposes.

I wrote my first lines of code in BASIC as soon as I had my Amstrad CPC. What I missed for a long time was the ability to display even a fairly simple sprite without having to resort to very low-level routines like Assembly (too complicated) or too high-level languages like BASIC (rising performance issues in late 80' and early 90').

Then many years later I learned C and its interconnection possibilities with Allegro (version 3.1 at that time), a library managing not only the fast display of sprites (DOS without any hardware graphics acceleration), but also some features yet above reach like sound handling (wav, voc, mid only) and management of timers / FPS, mouse, keyboard, "early" joypads (on the 15-pin ports). Allegro is a library of functions, it is not an engine where you can arrange the elements using GUI or tools. My first video game creation bases were done like this, it was in 2000. If you're interested you can check my projects here.

By chance in January 2015 I attended the GlobalGameJam as a developer, with Allegro 5 as my unique tool, and all these functions and code that I've put aside / rewritten / broke to follow updating versions of Allegro... in short: capitalize over time. And that is how I had great pleasure in making And I Push (why because i don't know), in that 45 hours time limit, with Katinaé's help for 2D sprites and Florent's cooperation as for music & sound design. I also discovered real emulation and dynamics where other people achieve to create totally awesome things, speaking of final results or in terms of techniques used. And now, here I am in that crazy adventure to bring this project to completion and to fulfill this long-established dream at least once, to produce a videogame and be able to show it to other people.

PS: Former N'TSS N'TSS co-founder (and event organizer/host, webmaster), I'm also keen on rhythm games, demo-making, image processing, and late 80's videogames, where I get amazing stimulation.

  • About this website

  • This website has also been made from scratch. That includes PHP and images (which are programmatically generated). Well, it's not that surprising for someone who uses his custom layer based on Allegro's low level routines to code his games & stuff, rather than using Uniter or GameMaky.