• Current main project

    Cipher Pusher     January 2015 ~ today
    C++, Allegro 5
    After having attended the Global Game Jam I decided to continue on building this project and transforming it into a real game. Read more...
  • Game jams    What is it?

  • RSD (Rect Sync Defense) RSD
    RSD (Rect Sync Defense) Global Game Jam 2017 C++, Allegro 5 PC Windows
    When "Missile Command" meets "Rez"... Read more... Sound & music by Lucas Fleur. -- RECTANGLES ONLY gamedev challenge -- See the video...
  • 2A2F AAFF
    2A2F Global Game Jam 2016 C++, Allegro 5 PC Windows
    In this weird snake game, player2 controls fruits. Anaconda Awesomeness vs Fruity Freedom. Read more... See the video...
  • And I Push GGJ2015prjat
    And I Push Global Game Jam 2015 C++, Allegro 5 PC Windows
    The early development of my action/puzzle game (with Katinaé and Florent) after 45 hours of work at Global Gam Jam 2015. The theme of the jam was "What do we do now?" and my answer was to integrate as much cryptic elements as possible to confuse the player and force him/her to search and experiment. Read more... See the video...
  • 202X

  • Invasion Commander: Reversed Invaders revinva
    Invasion Commander: Reversed Invaders 2014-2020 Pico-8, Lua Browser
    Ever wanted to play on Invaders' side? You command the invasion fleet! You control the invaders! You can dodge, fire, fool AI cannon on the ground. Let's invade the Earth! Read some info...
  • 201X

  • Keineged an nor keineged-an-nor
    Keineged an nor 2018 Pico-8, Lua Browser
    Point-and-Click X Die-and-Retry parodic adventure game with lots of vicious traps and more than 30 ways to die easily. Inspired by Shadowgate. Play it in your browser. Presskit.
  • SpaceBloop spcbleep
    SpaceBloop 2018 Pico-8, Lua Browser
    Evolve-Space-Shooter - Destroy boss arms to make them stronger! Pico-8 examples of cartridge save/load data, and direct access to sprite/video memory. Play it in your browser or watch gameplay video.
  • A Quai (Aqu-eight) Musical Pico-8 demo AQuai
    A Quai (Aqu-eight) Musical Pico-8 demo 2018 Pico-8, Lua Browser
    A 8-bit Yann Tiersen's "A Quai" remix made in ~1h30 during the "a chiptune presque parfait" contest with friends. Also known as "My Gabber Romance". See the video...
  • Tesseract Pico-8 demo PicoTess
    Tesseract Pico-8 demo 2017 Pico-8, Lua Browser
    Pico-8 rectangle demo wirth bumping hypercubes and a built-in 8-bit music. See the video...
  • Pico-8 Demo test testantop8
    Pico-8 Demo test 2017 Pico-8, Lua Browser
    Small test I made while playing with the main Pico-8 functions. Rectangles, lines, cosine, random, text with sprites (no fonts) See the video...
  • 1 year already and still coding my jam game 1yafter
    1 year already and still coding my jam game Jan 2016 Short talk Le Jardin Moderne, Rennes
    1 year after #GGJ15, "And I Push" is becoming Cipher Pusher. The game is still in work in progress, and here is some information about overall project management. Video (French) My presentation document
  • VDashGL VDashGL Not yet available
    Description not yet written in details... Why?    What is this “X”?
  • SOUNDTEST - Blind test community project vgbtrand
    SOUNDTEST - Blind test community project 2013-2015 C++, Allegro 4.2, OpenGL PC Windows
    A funny example of "Constraint Satisfaction Problem" applied to "fair" videogame blind test. You may still propose new titles here or support the project by 'liking' it here. Read more... See the video...
  • 3 HIT SHOP modifications for Stunfest ticketing stunshop
    3 HIT SHOP modifications for Stunfest ticketing 2011, 2012 PHP, prestashop Browser
    I built a custom prestashop layer to help friends from 3 HIT COMBO to add advanced shop functions for the STUNFEST event. It was mainly done to ease tournaments registration and administration. It was used in 2011 and 2012. Waldo's seal of approval.
  • FFVIII Triple Triad IRL cards fftt
    FFVIII Triple Triad IRL cards 2011 C++, Allegro 4, RTF PC Windows
    For a friend's birthday I decided to create a full set of all FFVIII Triple Triad cards. Since this process is rather long I thought it was easier to design an image processing software to extract every card image and post-process them automatically as RTF file ready to be printed out. Please do not ask for this program or source: it is not for sale. See the video...
  • DDR ''leekspin'' mix chooser DdrMixChooserGL
    DDR ''leekspin'' mix chooser 2011 C++, Allegro 4.2, OpenGL PC Windows
    Orihime Inoue and Phoenix Wright will help you to choose your DDR mix wisely before tournaments. And yes that leek is spinning like in the original meme. This small project is a great opportunity to learn OpenGL since standard Allegro 4.2 renders are not hardware accelerated. See the video...
  • 1000 AD Chronotrigger (chip)music ct1000ad
    1000 AD Chronotrigger (chip)music 2010 Basic Amstrad CPC (emulated)
    Chip tune programmatically generated See the video...
  • 2005 ~ 2009

  • DDR Studio ddrstudio
    DDR Studio 200x C++, Allegro 256 colors, PDF language PC Windows
    A minimalist DDR stepchart editor for SM and DWI file formats, includes lyrics output. It provides PDF printout for your training on specific songs. No music output anyway; only editing purposes. No external PDF library (only PDF 1.0 instructions from Adobe specifications reference). See the video...
  • My 3D-Modeler Model
    My 3D-Modeler 2007 MSVC 6, Allegro 16bits-color PC Windows
    Yes, I'm that kind of fool that coded his own simple-3D-model texturning engine to pre-render 2D sprites. For example, it was used in Kalaksi shooter to build sprites for the ship.
  • ShotGL ShotGL Not yet available
    Description not yet written in details... Why?    What is this “X”?
  • Encryption tool Conv
    Encryption tool 200x MSVC 6, C++ PC Windows
    After having spent some time playing security challenges (crypto, stegano, and other whitehat website riddles like those on HackQuest or WeChall) I decided to write my own conversion tool to do crypto challenges faster. See the video...
  • NetLaser Netlsr Not yet available
    Description not yet written in details... Why?    What is this “X”?
  • 2000 ~ 2004

  • Hwiz hwiz Not yet available
    Description not yet written in details... Why?    What is this “X”?
  • Alien Breed clone nigh Not yet available
    Alien Breed clone
    Description not yet written in details... Why?    What is this “X”?
  • Patakes pata
    Patakes 2004 C++, Allegro 4.0, 256 colors, DUMB PC DOS, Windows
    My polished Tetris clone. Five game modes in all, including two 2-Player battle modes. It uses screenshake, explosions, transparency, lit sprites. DUMB was integrated to output compressed sounds (MP3,OGG) or tracker musics (IT,MOD,S3M,XM) See the video...
  • Kalaksi kala
    Kalaksi 2003 C++, Allegro 4, 16bit colors, DUMB
    Another space shooter. This time with a more arcade gameplay inspired by Galaga / Galaxian. It includes early version of my menus engine & GUI. See the video...
  • Ast3d 3d Not yet available
    Description not yet written in details... Why?    What is this “X”?
  • Gen & Shoot bitmp Not yet available
    Gen & Shoot
    Description not yet written in details... Why?    What is this “X”?
  • Space Invaders clone #2 si2002 Not yet available
    Space Invaders clone #2
    Description not yet written in details... Why?    What is this “X”?
  • Pakoss pakoss
    Pakoss 2001 C, Allegro 3.12, 256 colors PC DOS
    A 2-player pacman clone, to learn collective AI involving 2 targets (attractive or repulsive). This includes Dragonball Kamehamehas, jumps, hi-speed, dark lights, bosses, earthquakes and burps. See the video...
  • Space Invaders clone #1 si
    Space Invaders clone #1 2000 C, Allegro 3.12, 256 colors PC DOS
    In this Space Invaders clone, I added some background effects using direct access to video memory, and particles using sub-bitmaps. See the video...
  • Dnc Wiz Me  dnc
    Dnc Wiz Me 2000 C, Allegro 3.12, 256 colors, DJGPP PC DOS
    Vertical space shooter. My first game using sprites, music(MIDI), sound, save/load, mouse input, timers, thanks to Allegro. See the video...
  • Unclassifiable

  • Alex Kidd CPC Janken ALEX.BAS
    Alex Kidd CPC Janken Early 90s Basic Amstrad CPC
    A way to output multicolored small graphics in Basic is to use transparent characters. A trick when you don't know about sprites and assembly. See the video...
Other unsorted stuff...

“Why?” (small note)

Q: What is this “X”?
A: It is *NOT* a discontinued project. I did complete it. However there are currently no explanations yet. That's all.

Q: Why are some items not written yet?
A: ...Because it takes time. I'm currently rewritting my website entirely and digging up very old projects to be talked about. All items marked with an “X” will not be available for now. If an item interests you specifically please let me know thanks to this page (which contains especially a to-do list and a poll on what to do first). Thanks for your understanding.

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