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SOUND TEST  (Blind test - Community project) is a funny example of Constraint Satisfaction Problem programming applied to "fair" videogame musical blind test.

There are 2 types of Blind tests.

The first one which is created by someone (a.k.a “the classic type”). The second one which is made of a very big playlist, and ran at random (a.k.a “the hardcore random type”).

Any of these 2 types has drawbacks. The first one is actually a “profile” of the person; this is easier for people who played the same games. In the second one, anything may happen (Various music format files, differents volumes, any music coming from any part of the game, including sometimes debug tracks that are not part of the final version of the game).

That's why I decided to build this project... it was in 2013.

Making of video:
SOUNDTEST (Blind test - Community project)
The purpose is to ask the internet community to propose videogame music so that we can gather it in a database. You can do this by submitting a title here. You are limited to the very beginning of the game: this means that anyone running the game should have heard to this music (other restrictions apply. Read the FAQ) Proposing a title also means you will help categorize this item by specifying the release year and the genre of the game. Doing this makes it possible to pick titles at random to perform the blind test, using specific rules:
  • All year blocks should be picked equally
  • All genres must be represented as much as possible
  • If a proposal from a given person has been picked. Other proposals from the same person should be avoided.

This way, a third kind of blind test can be achieved. It's easier to find at least one title, even if it's not mainstream. It's harder to find all titles because the required scope is larger, but it's an occasion to take part as a team for even more fun.

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Display  : 640x480 fullscreen or windowed
Color    : 32bits
Language : C++, Allegro 4.2, OpenGL (with AllegroGL)
Platform : Windows
Year     : 2013