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  • Cipher Pusher

  • A cryptic action-puzzle game with blocks, missiles, space battles, glowing artefacts, warp gates,
    and mysteries...

CipherPusher: ACTION/Puzzle? CipherPusher: PUZZLE/Action?
Cipher Pusher CipherPusher

  • Staff roll / Credits / Development team

  • Anto80 / ElBloco80
    Anto80 / ElBloco80
    ... is the developer and designer of this game. After having made all this stuff for fun or learning, he's now convinced that he has an interesting story to tell through all actions/steps/mysteries that converge in this game he's building with passion. Enough said. If you want to read more about him click here.
  • Katinaé
    ... is a versatile and hyperactive student degree in multimedia creation. Graphic or User Interface designer in video game area (Pixel-art, vectorial) but also in communication, web… She loves to experiment, discover and try new techniques and stuff. She’s involved in many indie game projects and is still seeking for her predilection domain.
  • Tomavatars
    Tomavatars a composer and sound designer in the world of independent video games since a few years, having left behind his solo musical projects and musical performances. His approach is a search of originality, a detachment from too recurring topics within this industry. Despite these goals, he does not hesitate to explore more traditional choices, as the plurality of the projects in which he participates require. He worked as lead audio on different games published on Steam or console such as Wondershot or MacGuffin.
  • About / Context / Why make this game?

  • Cipher Pusher is born from a fructful gamejam collaboration with Katinaé and Florent. Well, saying “born” is overrating since it’s still an experimental fetus for now...

    The original theme of the jam ("What do we do now?") was firstly kept. GlobalGameJam Then is was adapted by combining Action with Puzzle, to provide straightforward arcade/action rooms and add more enigmatic and complicated places. Use your skills to clear yet-not-that-easy arcade/action situations, and invite a friend for 2-players local co-op mode! Take a break in optional side-quest parallel areas where you’ll have to experiment cryptic/confusing items/mechanisms. And who knows, maybe the two are connected.
    Oh I forgot to mention: As I love #RetroPixel #DemoMaking, and #Chiptune, I’ll try my best to do a tribute to these, thanks to the talented artists I'm working with.
And you, Still working on your GGJ game?

Cipher Pusher
Blocks / Vortexes / Seafood
40+ action levels - lots of frenetic missiles
60+ puzzle levels - many cryptic mechanisms
...and mysteries.

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