Keineged an nor

Point-and-click × Die-and-retry adventure parody, in Pico-8 !


Inspired by the NES version of the game “Shadowgate” and written in Pico-8, “Keineged an nor” is a swift parodic point’n’click adventure game where you’ll absolutely die repeatedly anyway.


Developing “Keineged an nor” was somewhat a personal challenge. One of Anto80's close friends was very fond of the iconic game “Shadowgate”, known for being rough and unforgiving. Anto80 decided to try the Point-and-click exercise to surprise his friend. As “Keineged an nor” is a Die-and-retry game, you may die very frequently (more than 10 times per minute - ingame time) and since it's a parodic adventure, you may also die less than 3 seconds directly after having started the game. In fact you may also die while interacting with the title screen, and during Game Over sequence (a death within a death).


- 30+ endings
- 5 music tracks
- Trial and error: LOTS of cruel traps to test your luck and your patience
- Humor and self-derision
- A very exhaustive page of hints (here), because the game designer genuinely wants you to have fun and, in the end, to win, to beat their game.
- 128x128 pixels - 16 colors - 8k of code (ie: Pico-8 limitations)


some of the rooms, title, small pitch some of the rooms + title Title screen animation

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Images / Logo / Icon

You will DIE a LOT. #PointAndClick #DieAndRetry
Spritesheet + cover

A room Another room Again a room
Title Title with background

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[Any%] Current record by Backwash - @fantomearayures
9.733 seconds - using buffer click trick.
keineged an nor - speedrun any%


Based in Rennes, France.

Release Date:
Oct 6th 2018

Desktop browser, Pico-8


Regular Price:
Free (you can donate to download the source code)

“Keineged an nor” Credits

Game designer, Developer. His website

English proofreading, betatest, and good specific ideas. The third Scorpion is fully dedicated to You.